XTCC partners with Circulariti to support sustainability and carbon neutrality in the end to end fashion supply chain.

London, May 31, 2024 - XTCC, the investment ecosystem specialising in publicly listed instruments linked to high-integrity carbon credits, is collaborating with Circulariti, pioneers of a technology platform that empowers fashion brands to achieve profitable transparency in end-to-end supply chains to accelerate net-zero commitments.

Under the terms of a Joint Development Agreement (JDA), the collaboration will bring together XTCC’s expertise in creating high-integrity carbon credit investment assets and Circulariti’s unified transparency technology and comprehensive real-time supply chain data to drive greater transparency, robustness and integrity in carbon reduction best practice in the global fashion industry.

Carbon emissions are an inevitable consequence of global supply chains. It is estimated that the textile industry alone accounts forsome 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions; add in to the mix emissions generated by shipping, air freight and other processes in the supply chain and it is evident that the fashion industry makes a significant environmental impact. At the same time there is growing investor and consumer pressure for brands to demonstrate measurable carbon-reduction credentials.

The collaboration will focus on:

  • Driving greater sustainability: Establishing more robust methodologies for validating carbon credit projects and initiatives in the ‘seed to second life’ fashion lifecycle.

  • Enhancing industry transparency and credibility: Leveraging Circulariti's comprehensive environmental impact data and platform to verify sustainability practices and projects that reduce carbon footprints in fashion supply chains.

  • Supporting sustainability goals of brands, investors and consumers: Brands benefit from access to validated, high-integrity carbon credits (offset and inset) to support sustainability goals, investors can access listed assets linked to high integrity carbon credits, and consumers can makes choices based on a brand’s quantifiable carbon reduction ‘footprint’.

Jamie Goldring, Founder and CEO, Circulariti said:“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with XTCC and to bring together our platform for end to end transparency in the fashion supply chain with XTCC’s market-leading carbon credit investment assets. Together we aim to address the lack of visibility in today’s supply chains and regain consumer and investor trust in brands’ sustainability claims.”

Seth Elliott, CEO XTCC said: “XTCC’s guiding principle is to re-engineer trust in carbon as an asset class and to deliver effective solutions for the net zero world. Transparency of use of capital is critical to enhancing the flow of funds to the Global South and delivering a real impact on carbon emission reduction. Integrating XTCC into the Circulariti supply chain will set a benchmark for other supply chains, enabling the coupling of consumer demand for climate action with a technology solution for seamless integration of carbon offsets. The demand by consumers for clarity on carbon neutrality will not abate; XTCC and Circulariti will continue to demonstrate the way forward”.


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