Mobilising Capital Markets to Protect Earth's Biosphere

XTCC is the world’s first Shariah-compliant multi-currency asset class of high-integrity carbon credit investments sourced from projects focused on the drive for net zero. 

Image depicting green renewable energy sources for a net-zero world, powered by carbon credits

First Ever Fatwa Certification for High-Integrity Carbon Credits investment product

XTCC has secured the world's first Fatwa for High-Integrity Carbon Credits investment product, certified by Yasaar Research Limited. This certification, coupled with the implementation of the ISDA/IIFM Tahawwut Master Agreement, establishes XTCC as fully compliant with Islamic financial standards. These measures offer investors a unique opportunity to engage with a market poised for explosive growth, providing a robust framework for Shariah-compliant financial derivatives and risk management in the carbon credit market.

Trust and Credibility

The Fatwa validates XTCC’s investments, enhancing trust among investors by confirming compliance with Islamic ethical standards.

Risk Mitigation

Provides assurance that investments are structured to avoid non-compliant financial practices, such as Riba and Gharar, enhancing financial security.

Investment Integrity

Ensures that all investment operations are conducted in adherence to Shariah law, promoting transparent and ethical investment practices.

“We take pride in certifying the Shariah compliance of XTCC’s investment products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of Islamic finance. Our expertise guarantees that every investment decision upholds the ethical and financial principles necessary for true Shariah compliance, empowering investors to contribute positively to sustainable development initiatives with full confidence in their adherence to Islamic values.“

— Majid Dawood, Chief Executive, Yasaar Research Limited. 

The issuer

Al Waseelah

Al Waseelah is a world-leading sukuk issuance platform for islamic liquidity management and a wide range of projects and corporates. Al Waseelah offers an award-winning, comprehensive solution for structuring, arranging, originating and listing of sukuk, as well as provides streamlined and cost-effective way of raising capital for shariah-compliant entities.