XTCC appoints Chief Economist - Dr Andrew Hildreth


New role reinforces XTCC commitment to carbon credit investment transparency, accountability and sustainability


[May 24, 2024]: XTCC, the pioneer in exchange-listed, high-integrity carbon credit investment assets, announces the appointment of Dr Andrew Hildreth as Chief Economist. With over 25 years of experience in economics and statistics (as an academic and industry practitioner), Dr Hildreth  brings wide-ranging expertise to this role.  He has worked with clients across both the corporate and financial services sectors. While his roles have focused primarily on building complex economic and statistical outcome prediction models, his experience is rooted in a commitment to ethical and impactful economic research, drawing insights from fields ranging from environmental policy to market dynamics. To this end, he has been involved in wide ranging research on subjects as diverse as the impact of unethical business practices (price fixing), the economic effect of oil spills and early work on the impact of the US Clean Air Act on businesses.

At XTCC, Dr Hildreth will lead the development of an index model aimed at transforming existing methods of ‘fair value’ carbon credit pricing, and orchestrate the creation of a series of indices to increase market transparency and ensure accountability in the carbon credit market.

His  appointment marks a milestone in XTCC’s commitment to creating  a more sustainable, transparent and accountable path for  investors to more effectively navigate the rapidly expanding, high-integrity carbon credits market. His expertise will be instrumental in introducing a more transparent pricing mechanism, enhancing investors’ decision-making processes and reinforcing confidence in the high-integrity carbon credits market.

Dr Hildreth said: "I am delighted to join the innovative team at XTCC  and to work with them to deliver greater transparency in the information available to support the decision-making process for investors  in the high-integrity carbon credit market.  As companies and economies around the world drive towards a reduced carbon future, it will require foresight and acumen for all market participants to navigate associated pricing mechanisms.”

Dr Scott Levy, Founder of XTCC, added: "This appointment marks a significant step in XTCC’s commitment to “lead with integrity” in the carbon market. His expertise will enable us to refine our investment models, making them more accessible and understandable. By ensuring our pricing strategies are clear and well-founded, we will reinforce accountability across all operations, setting a standard for the industry. With Dr. Hildreth's guidance, XTCC is poised to drive forward sustainable and responsible investment standards of best  practice on which our partners and clients can rely ."

Contact: ir@xtcc.investments